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Top 5 Lessons Learned during my Job Search | Career Path: Entry Level Sales

Mackenzie Coughlin had recently graduated from Providence College and secured her dream job at LinkedIn when COVID-19 derailed those career plans. Mackenzie had moved to a new city and was less than a year into her new job when she became part of a large layoff at LinkedIn. But her grit and determination got her employed again within a few months. Keep reading to find out what Mackenzie learned and the top skills she used to get her career in tech sales back on track.

1. Network 24/7

As we learned from Mackenzie, you never know when an opportunity might come along. Part of the reason she was able to become so successful in her work was through her constant networking. It is very smart to continue emails with old employers you worked with, or to find new LinkedIn connections. The internet holds so much power for young professionals to get their name out, meet new people, and create as many connections as possible.

2. Explore new cities

Often times, young professionals are nervous or timid to start fresh in a new city. Like Mackenzie, if you take the job in a new city, there is a good chance you will like it! The idea of starting fresh might scare people,

but it can give your life a whole new perspective of people and places. There is so much to explore between the age of 20-30 years old and exploring a new city with a job is a great first step in creating a life or adventure and success.

3. Find the good in the bad

The most successful people learn from bad moments and grow from those experiences. Whether you are laid off or don’t sell the pitch you have been trying to do, there are good learning opportunities within. As a young professional, there will be many failures or setbacks. However, it is how you spin the situation to improve your overall self that will set you up for a successful future.

4. Be grateful

Everything you do now will play a part in the long run, remember that. It is important to accept opportunities with an open mind and know that many people may be wishing they were in your exact spot. Through every opportunity, there is something to take away and be grateful for.

5. Stay positive

Attitude matters, so be kind! As Mackenzie shared, her positive and competitive personality landed her a job at LinkedIn… twice! Creating positive relationships with employers or co-workers is a key component in a young professional’s career.

Check out Mackenzie’s full interview on Top of the Pile podcast to hear more about these key lessons!

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